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  I was bullied at school for two years
Updated 30 September 2004, 12.04

Andrea was bullied at school from Year 7 to Year 9 and in her report she tells us what she did about it.

"I had been a victim of bullying for two years.

It started in Year 7 and only finished at the end of Year 9.

In Year 7 it got physical when the bully hit me with a metal pencil case, but the bully denied it and nothing further happened.

I told my head of year about it loads of times and all she said was 'I'll have a word ' or 'If you can try and avoid them'.

I couldn't really avoid them when they were in my form.

Panic attacks

Eventually, I was finding it hard to breathe on school mornings, so I went to the doctors and I was diagnosed with panic attacks.

That shows how much I was dreading going to school.

Dealt with

By the end of Year 9 the bully started shouting at me and calling me names and saying stuff that hurt me.

After that I couldn't take it so I stood up and ran to the nearest teacher that I could find, they got my head of year and the bully was dealt with.

But all this should have been sorted when I was in Year 7 and then I wouldn't have suffered.

Group of friends

I still get a few snide remarks now but I'm not really bothered because I have a big group of friends.

My advice is don't suffer in silence and press on about the bullies until something is done to stop it."

Andrea, 14, Scarborough

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