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  I'm starring in Serious Arctic
Updated 27 April 2004, 17.02
Jennielyn in the Arctic
Jennielyn spent three weeks in icy weather filming with the new CBBC series, Serious Arctic.

The aim of the expedition was to send a team of children to measure the size of a glacier and help research the effect of global warming.

Here she reports on what it was like.

"I'd seen the Serious Jungle and Serious Desert and I was especially eager to get on the show as this would be my chance to work with endangered animals.

To be considered we all had to send in an application form answering some questions.

Lucky to be picked

The auditions were held all over the country and I met all sorts of people at them.

But only eight of us - four boys and four girls - were selected to go to the Arctic.

I think I was chosen because they knew how much I wanted to be on the show - and I think there was a bit of luck involved too.

I've never been on a plane before and it was really exciting - I got a real adrenalin rush as we took off. I was a bit scared but excited at the same time.

Unforgettable view

We arrived in Canada and then travelled to the Arctic. It was very beautiful and when we came down the little plane stairs I was amazed at the view.

It was something you remember for the rest of your life. I had never seen so much snow!

Our mission was to go and measure a glacier for scientists out there, which will hopefully tell us more about global warming.

The glacier isn't visited very often and more people have walked on the moon than this particular glacier - the Grinnell glacier.

Polar bears

We were supposed to go polar bear tracking but because of the bad weather we were snowed in for a few days which put us behind on our schedule.

So we concentrated our attention on the glacier - our main job. It hadn't been measured in 50 years, and was important because it was the polar bear's territory and could tell us a lot about global warming.

Snow holes for toilets

Out there we had lots of chocolate - a good energy source for when we were pulling the sledge.

We also ate noodles and pasta - we all had cooking duties as we were camping in tents.

We didn't wash very often - but when we did it was with baby wipes. Everyone was stinky by the end of it!

In the first training week we had a wooden toilet seat in the snow, but that was a luxury as after that we just had a snow pit dug out.

And when toilet roll ran out you just had to use the snow!

I'd love to go again

I would definitely love to do the trip again if I have the chance - this was a chance in a lifetime.

And now I've come back now I keep on thinking 'I can't believe I went to the Arctic!'"

Jennielyn, 15, Basildon

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