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  Helping school kids in Kenya
Updated 15 April 2004, 11.06
Students at the Ukunda school
The Childnet Awards recognise some of the best sites on the internet created by young people around the world.

In our fourth special Press Pack report 16-year-old Frank from The Netherlands tells us all about his winning website.

"During July I made a trip through Kenya with my parents.

On the last week, my dad, I and three others visited an orphan house and two schools is the small village Ukunda.

Promise to teacher

We saw the poverty and the lack of school supplies and the enthusiasm of the teachers.

We promised the head teacher Mrs Rigga that we would try to raise money to provide the primary school Mvindeni with modern school supplies.

Rich world

Frank's website
Frank's website
To raise as much money as possible, my dad and I decided to develop a website.

We wanted to use the Internet to reach out to the rest of the rich world and see if other schools were willing to participate.

And to donate money, school supplies and help for the primary school Mvindeni and hopefully other schools in Ukunda.

Charity walks

At the moment, a school in the USA has collected English books, my school donated money and the school of my dad organized a charity walk for this project.

We would like to invite other schools to organize charity walks or other fund raising projects too.

They can use the website for more background information, using the photos or the video and they can read our travel coverage.

More publicity

Winning a prize in the Childnet Academy 2004 contest means that the project will get more publicity.

And more publicity means that we hopefully will raise more money for the Kenyan school."

Frank, 16, The Netherlands

Why don't you write us a Press Pack report - and get it published on the site?!

It can be about anything that's happened in your local area - or your views on the news.

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