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  A rainy August has ruined our crops
Updated 01 September 2004, 12.59
Mike Press Pack and his combine
Mike lives on a farm in East Yorkshire and heavy rainfall in August has ruined crops and delayed harvest.

He tells us what this means for his family and other farmers in the area.

"We have a cattle farm and grow wheat, barley and rape.

We had a few days when it just rained and rained and rained, relentlessly.

You can still get other jobs done, but you want to combine during August.

Falling behind

Normally we start harvesting barley in July, and wheat by the end of August.

This year we started at the end of August so we are two weeks behind.

Mike on the farm
Mike on the farm

The quality of the wheat has gone down because of the rain, and we also have to dry it which is expensive because we use diesel for the drier.

The ground is soft and our combine got stuck which has wasted a lot of time.

Losing money

Some people's crops have fallen over and died. When this happens, the seed starts to germinate, making it worthless.

We have spent all year growing crops and spending money and so much is ruined.

This is all new to me, I can't remember this happening before, during my lifetime.

It affects everyone who got rain like this, but some people are worse off than us.

Some had whole fields ruined and once you lose money like that, you can never get it back.

Selling your harvest

The way crops are sold is that the buyer takes the seeds for 14 days, and if they germinate, they will buy them.

Ours might be used for seed or if the quality isn't that great it will be used for cattle feed.

But everyone is in the same boat."

Mike, 14, East Yorkshire

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