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  I think having a curfew is unfair
Updated 07 April 2004, 10.31
Kids hanging out
A two-week curfew has started in the Cumbrian town of Wigton.

Sam lives there and in her report she tells us why this is happening.

"A curfew in our town has started and will continue until the end of the Easter break.

This means that under-16s are not allowed out on the streets in groups after 9pm.


The police are enforcing this because last Easter lots of teenagers were out of control.

Windows were smashed and there was a lot of vandalism.

Not fair

However, I don't agree with having a curfew. It's only a minority of kids causing the trouble and we are all getting the blame for it.

I've even been talking to the police, saying that it's unfair.

Kids are now even staying out on purpose and shouting at the police.

Bored teenagers

Our parents even think it's a bad idea. They don't think it's right that police should be able to tell their children how late they can stay out.

I think if there were more things to do in Wigton, then teenagers wouldn't be bored and start causing trouble.

Summer curfew?

Some adults say that we're intimidating but we're not and we only go out in groups because it's safer that way.

But we have to make sure there's not too much trouble because if there is, then there will be another curfew over the summer holidays - and that's for six weeks!"

Sam, 13, Wigton

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It can be about anything that's happened in your local area - or your views on the news.

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