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  Moving up to secondary school isn't that bad
Updated 26 August 2004, 11.23
Christopher has just started secondary school
Lots of you will be moving from primary school to secondary school - which can be a scary thought!

But Christopher has already made the move to high school and in his report he gives advice about starting a new school.

"Everyone gets scared when they are moving to secondary school.

But it's not as bad as it sounds.

When I was just about to move up I was nervous.

New friends

I was worried about the amount of work, how hard the work was, the bigger people bullying me and if the teachers were going to be strict.

The things that worried me the most were making new friends and losing old ones.

But I haven't lost any friends and I've made loads of new ones really quickly.

There are a lot of things that helped me.

Shown around

Christopher in his new classroom
Christopher in his new classroom
There were a couple of induction days - they really helped because you got to meet the teachers, you got to meet all the people in your class and you got a taste of life in secondary school.

Getting to pick a group of four friends that I wanted to be in my class helped too, but I only picked one.

In the first week we got taken around the school by the prefects. That helped a lot.

Different teachers

Now I am enjoying secondary school a lot, I use the school library loads and I am starting to find my way around.

The only thing that I am still getting used to is having lots of different teachers.

My advice to people moving up would be:

  • Don't believe all the rumours you hear

  • Don't think that just because you are in a different class from a friend that you will not see them again
  • Try to make some new friends; don't just stick with the friends you've got."

Christopher, 12, Stirling

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