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  I met the creator of Woody!
Updated 23 August 2004, 10.13
Ana with Bud Luckey
Animator Bud Luckey works for Pixar, the makers of films such as Toy Story and Monsters Inc.

Bud recently hosted a special workshop where he gave tips on drawing.

Press Packer Ana won our competition to attend the workshop and in her report she tells us what she learnt.

"On Saturday 21 August I dragged myself out of bed at 6.30am to catch a train to London.

At that point, I felt as if the day was going to be terrible as I am not a morning person, but it turned out to be well worth the struggle!

At 1.30pm I attended an animation workshop with some other children at the National Film Theatre.

Short film

At the workshop was Bud Luckey, creator of Woody from Toy Story.

Osnat Shurer, who also works at Pixar on short films, accompanied Bud.

To kick off the workshop, we were treated to a screening of Boundin', a short film about a sheep who is humiliated when his beautiful coat is shaved off.

Boundin' was directed by Bud Luckey and produced by Osnat Shurer.

Ana's drawing
Ana's drawing
Bud also came up with the idea, wrote the music, wrote the screenplay, played the music and did the narration in the feature!

After watching this, Bud and Osnat gave us a few words and Bud then showed us how to draw the jackalope (a creature that is half-rabbit, half-antelope) from Boundin'.

This was very interesting and when we had finished, a few drawings were animated.

Ride scooters

After a quick lunch break, we were shown Toy Story.

Then we were allowed to ask Bud and Osnat questions.

It turns out that at the Pixar studios people ride around on scooters to get to and from each building!

Art career

Also, Bud said that the most important thing if you want to become an animator is keep practising!

Overall it was a great day; I found it very interesting as I love animation and want to work in art when I am older."

Ana, 15, Exeter

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