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  Hats off to a great film!
Updated 01 April 2004, 08.56
The Cat in the Hat
Alistair reviews the latest Hollywood comedy caper, The Cat in the Hat.

"This film is based on the old Dr Seuss book but you don't have to be a fan to like the film though as I have never read the book.

The film is about Conrad and Sally Walden, a boy who just has a mind for fun (and trouble) and a bossy control freak (the regular goodie two-shoes type).

Out the window

Sally and Conrad
Sally and Conrad
Conrad has been grounded and Sally has to stay inside too, with their Taiwanese babysitter.

Under strict rules not to make a mess, the children can only watch out of the window for the rest of the afternoon.

Until they hear a bump upstairs and they meet the six foot tall talking cat with a red and white stovepipe hat, a red bowtie and a super-sized fondness for fun!

Futuristic car

The animation was terrific as the Cat was played by Mike Myers but looked so much like a cat.

The Cat's futuristic car
The Cat's futuristic car
One of my favourite parts was when the cat produces his 'super-luxurious-omni-watchermajiger' (or SLOW for short).

He uses this futuristic car to chase after the children's mother's evil suitor played by Alec Baldwin.

All ages

I didn't like Thing One and Thing Two, (creatures from the cat's universe that always do the opposite of what they are told).

I would recommend this funny film to children of all ages.

It deserves a 9 out of 10."

Alistair, 12, London

The Cat in the Hat opens in cinemas around the UK on Friday, 2 April.

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