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  I met JK Rowling at the Edinburgh Festival!
Updated 16 August 2004, 08.33
Alice met JK Rowling
Potter fan Alice met her hero JK Rowling at the reading at Edinburgh Children's Book Festival.

Here she tells us what it was like meeting JK and what she thinks of the Potter hints which the writer revealed.

"I couldn't believe it when I won the Newsround competition to go and see JK Rowling at the Edinburgh Festival.

The Harry Potter books are my all-time favourite and she is my favourite writer.

I told some of my friends about it and they were really excited for me too!

Dumbledore's patronus

The first thing she did was to give a reading, then she answered fans' questions.

The signed book!
I got to ask her my question, which was 'what form does Dumbledore's patronus take?' She said it was a phoenix, which I had thought it would be.

JK seemed really nice, I did not really get to meet her personally but she seemed very friendly.

Key questions

She gave us some clues about Potter, mainly about some of the characters. Like she told us that Dumbledore's brother, Aberforth, was the barman in the Hog's Head.

The best thing she said was that there were two big questions which we should ask to find out more about the future Potter books. These were - why didn't Voldemort die when he tried to kill Harry? And why didn't Dumbledore try to kill Voldemort in that scene at the end of book five?

JK signed books for hundreds of fans
I'm not really sure what they mean yet. I have wondered if Dumbledore won't kill Voldemort because it means it would hurt Harry aswell but I'm not sure.

Best bit

Then JK signed books for everyone who was there. I got my copy of Order of the Phoenix signed - she wrote: 'To Alice, well done! and signed it.

The place was packed, it was very busy. There were about 500 people there and they came from all over the world.

Security was tight - everyone had to wear wristbands!
Me and mum took some photos to remember the event too, we got one of me with JK while she signed my book.

The best bit of the day was definitely hearing JK say about the two questions which hold the key to the future books. It was so exciting.

I'm going to go home and think about what they might mean!"

Alice, 14, Suffolk

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