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  Potter sleepover at Science Museum was fun!
Updated 08 August 2004, 10.37
Matthew and his friends dressed as wizards for the special screening of Harry Potter
Matthew from Essex won our competition to go and see a special iMax screening of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban at the Science Museum in London.

He also got to take part in a sleepover there with his friends.

"We arrived at the Science Museum in London and the first thing we did was have our photos taken in our costumes for a competition.

I went dressed as a wizard in a cloak with a hat and a wand. There were about 100 people there in total.

Much scarier!

Then we went through and watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in the iMax cinema which has a really big screen!

It was much better than in a normal cinema and much scarier because it was so much bigger. The bit when the dementors come onto the Hogwarts Express was really scary!

Sleeping in space!

After the film they announced the winners of the fancy dress competition - there were two joint winners who were brothers and were dressed up as Fred and George, they looked really good.

We went to look at where we were sleeping - I slept in the space gallery. The lights went off at midnight. After the lights went off lots of people were jumping around in their sleeping bags and stuff.

It was quite cosy in the sleeping bags, but I only had about four hours sleep! In the morning they switched on the lights - most people were awake already, but one of my friends Oliver stayed asleep even after the lights were switched on!

Bubbles and slime!

Matthew and his friends wait outside the museum with their overnight stuff

We all went to clean our teeth and have breakfast and then we had a potions class which was brilliant. We got to make slime!

We had to collect all the things for the potion from around the room and then add them in to make a slimey potion - it was great.

We also got to watch a bubble show, which was good and one of my friends got to help out.

I had a great time and I would definitely recommend seeing the film on a huge screen at the iMax - it was great fun although I didn't get much sleep!"

Matthew, 10, Essex

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