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  We run a Fairtrade business at school
Updated 08 March 2004, 10.32
Young co-operative members with Tanzanian tea farmer, Cecilia
1-14 March is Fairtrade Fortnight. Fairtrade products help farmers in poorer countries by making sure they get more of the money we spend.

Claire and Stef are members of a co-operative called Coco Banana and in their report they tell us why they enjoy selling Fairtrade products.

"We are members of a fairtrade Young Co-operative called Coco Banana.

There are seven members in our co-operative and we are friendly rivals with another Young Co-operative in our school, The Chocolateers.

Treated equally

Our business is a co-operative which means everyone is treated equally and we work together as a team.

Coco Banana was the first ever Young Co-operative and was set up in 2002.

We run our business by buying products from fairtrade firms like Traidcraft and Suma and selling them at a fair price so the farmers benefit.

Making a difference

Farmers in Africa harvesting cocoa
Farmers in Africa harvesting cocoa
We set up stalls in our school hall and local church.

Everyone appreciates the quality of the products and are willing to pay that little bit extra knowing that they are making a difference to people in the third world.

Our coffee mornings are also very successful where we sell coffee, bananas, chocolate, raisins and dried fruits, cereal bars and biscuits.

We also sell seasonal products like advent calendars and Easter eggs.

Growing business

Selling our products also comes in handy because from our profits we are able to pay ourselves small amounts of pocket money.

We have recently returned from a trip to London where we attended the official national launch of Young Co-operatives at the House of Commons.

Young Co-operatives are growing rapidly across the country. If you would like to start your own ask your teachers for more information.

We hope you'll all have as much fun as we do."

Claire and Stef, 14, Hartelpool

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