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  Wildlife spotting in the river Thames
Updated 05 August 2004, 17.34

Flash flooding in London during recent thunderstorms meant that the river Thames was polluted with lots of sewage.

But experts reckon the river will bounce back to health soon.

This is because before the storms the river was one of the cleanest city rivers in the world.

Press Packer Sally Lewis was one of many volunteers keeping a look out for wildlife in the Thames for the Zoological Society of London.

"The Thames runs through London - and for years and years it was so polluted - hardly anything could live in it.

But after a long clear up - it's one of the cleanest rivers in Europe and it's starting to get to attract some rather unusual visitors.

A dolphin spotted in British waters

The Zoological society of London are so excited about all the new species in the Thames that they're asking people to let them know if they spot something. It's so they can try and work out what the marine life is up to.


Porpoises, seals, dolphins and even sea horses have been spotted in the river!

I live up-stream of central London and I'm always out on the river, but I've never seen anything unusual.

The life boat crews who patrol the Thames have seen loads of creatures and they agreed to take me with them on one of their trips.

It was really fun - we didn't see any dolphins or seals - but we did see lots of logs!

Thankfully, I didn't see any evidence of fish that had died from the sewage polution.

I was on the boat in Teddington for about an hour.

I'm often on the river so I'll keep looking for interesting animals.

Sally, 11, London

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