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  It's important to keep our drains clean
Updated 04 August 2004, 09.20
India's been taking part in the Yellow Fish Campaign
The Yellow Fish Campaign, which is backed by Oceanarium Bournemouth, aims to raise awareness about polluting local drains and the effect this has on local wildlife.

Many children have been helping the campaign by stencilling a yellow fish symbol next to drains to remind people that what they put down the drain goes into rivers and streams.

India's been helping out on this project and in her report she tells us why she thinks doing this is very important.

"I am home-educated and our local home education group got involved with the Yellow Fish Campaign recently.

I went along because it sounded like it would be fun.

It was only when I got there and listened to Sarah (the project officer) telling us about it that I realised how important the project is.

Harms fish

People pour oil and other chemicals like paint and soap suds (from washing cars in the road) down the drains.

This then goes straight into the rivers and streams, and then out to sea.

It kills fish and other wildlife, and also can harm people bathing in the sea or paddling in the river.

The project tries to make people think, and therefore not pour these things down the drain.

A reminder

Putting down a fish-shaped stencil near a drain
Putting down a fish-shaped stencil near a drain
We dropped leaflets through the doors of the houses in the roads around our chosen stream so that people knew what we were doing.

We then stencilled a yellow fish next to the drains in the roads with spray paint, as a reminder.

Some people asked us what we were doing as we went along the road so we gave them leaflets and talked to them about it.

They all thought it was a very good idea.

Better informed

Before being involved with the Yellow Fish project I hadn't even thought about where anything poured down a drain would go, nor had my family.

We are now much better informed about this, and will continue to tell other people because it is important.

There are places to dispose of oil, paint etc, and that place is not down our drains!

I would really recommend that people get involved with this project, it's fun and worthwhile."

India, 10, Bournemouth

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