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  Think twice when you buy a chocolate bar
Updated 01 March 2004, 11.21
Chocolate comes from cocoa beans
Chocolate comes from cocoa beans

1-14 March is Fairtrade Fortnight. Fairtrade products help farmers in poorer countries by making sure they get more of the money we spend.

In their report Imogen and Juliet tell us what they have been doing in the run-up to this special event.

"We first became aware of Fairtrade issues when a travelling theatre company performed a play called 'Chocolate' at our school.

This was a play about chocolate-making in Third World countries.

The play made us feel strongly about Fairtrade and we wish to share this information with everyone we can.

Meeting farmers

An organisation called Future West has organised for a group of us from Cotham School to go down to the CREATE Centre and meet some farmers all the way from Ghana, which we are really looking forward to.

While we are waiting for this once- in-a-lifetime opportunity, we are doing a case study in school.

This case study is on Ghana. We are finding everything from how many degrees north of the equator Ghana is, to its trade issues.

Raising awareness

While all this is going on, the part we most look forward to is working with primary school students.

We will have the opportunity to work with Colston's Primary School and help raise awareness of Fairtrade with younger students.

We now hope that soon everyone will know of Fairtrade.

Please remember that most cocoa farmers have never tasted chocolate.

Changing lives

When you buy Fairtrade chocolate, even though it may be more than other chocolate bars, the farmers were paid a fair price for their product.

When you eat non-Fairtrade chocolate, it may have come from a cocoa farm where they use slaves.

Please do something to change their future."

Imogen and Juliette, Year 8, Cotham School, Bristol

Why don't you write us a Press Pack report - and get it published on the site?!

It can be about anything that's happened in your local area - or your views on the news.

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