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  I went to the Kittens' last concert
Updated 12 March 2004, 10.26
Atomic Kitten
The Atomic Kitten girls are taking a break from the group and performed their last concert in Hull.

Kitten fan Lauren was there and in her report she describes what it was like seeing Tash, Liz and Jen for the last time together.

"I'm a big fan of Atomic Kitten so was excited about going to their last concert before they take a break.

I like them because I think they're really good singers - Jen is my favourite because I think she's nice.

We had to wait half an hour outside the hall before we could go in, it was freezing. And as soon as the doors opened everyone rushed in.

Before the Kittens came on stage the crowd was screaming, everyone was jumping up and down and getting all excited.

Then the lights went down just before they appeared.

Cowboy hats

Atomic Kitten sang all their hits. I especially liked The Tide Is High because they got everyone to sing along.

Lots of people in the crowd had cowboy hats on and were waving posters.

And I also liked Ladies Night, they sing it well and the song's got a really good rhythm to it.

Hard to see

The only downside was that because there were loads of people standing down the front of the stage the people at the back couldn't see very well.

I stood on a railing for a better view but kept getting told to get down.

But in the end because there were so many of us doing it the security person gave up and let us stand there!

Kitten tears

The concert ended with fireworks on the stage and the Kittens started crying as they said goodbye - I think it was Tash who started crying first.

I think there were fans crying too!

I'm really pleased I got to see Atomic Kitten's last concert for a while.

And I do hope they get back together in a year's time like they have said."

Lauren, 10, Hessle

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