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  I interviewed top fashion designers from PPQ
Updated 15 February 2004, 12.26

Hannah went to watch designer label PPQ's new collection revealed at London Fashion Week.

Here she reports on what it was like watching a catwalk show - and what she thought of PPQ's new range.

"I love fashion and hope to be a fashion designer when I'm a bit older, so I was thrilled when I got a call to say I'd won the chance to go to the PPQ fashion show and chat to the designers afterwards.

When I arrived at London Fashion Week I was amazed - the area it was taking place in was tiny compared to how I had imagined it.

It's set up outdoors in temporary tents which almost looked sci-fi-like.

I was allowed to go into the PPQ dressing rooms and watch the last-minute preparations before the models hit the catwalk.

Busy and messy

Backstage it was hectic, busy and messy. There were lots of camera crews and people hanging out.

The make-up artists, hairdressers and designers were rushing around the models trying to get them ready for the show.

The models themselves were very tall, thin and supreme looking. The make-up artists were putting dramatic eyeliner on their faces - mainly in pink and purple. I couldn't wait to see the show.

Finally, after a run-through, the show was ready and I went around to the front of the stage and took my seat, second row from the front.

Show was quick

The lights went down and then the loud music came on as the models strutted their stuff on the catwalk.

They wore very vibrant 70s looking clothes - I thought they looked quite retro.

Amazingly, the show only lasted around 10 minutes and I couldn't believe how short it was.

I could not believe how much work was involved with putting it together!


After the show I went backstage again and interviewed the PPQ designers, Percy Parker and Amy Molyneaux.

They told me how they got into fashion and why they've decided to make a special range for teenagers which is available on the high street.

I was very nervous about interviewing them as I am quite shy but they were really friendly.

Then it was time to go. As I walked past the designer shops on the way home I knew that I wanted to be a fashion designer.

I really enjoyed the day and loved watching the catwalk show.

I love clothes and I love designing and one day I want to go to Central St Martins or the London College of Fashion. "

Hannah, 14, London

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