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  We shouldn't judge each other by clothes!
Updated 03 February 2004, 08.23
Claire says some people care too much about the clothes people wear
Lots of teenagers are judged by how they look and how they dress.

In her report, Claire tells us why she thinks this is wrong.

"Here's what the dictionary says about names teenagers are called:

Mosher - someone who dances violently and energetically at a rock concert

Townie - a person who lives in a town where there is a college but who is not involved with the college

Trendy - modern and influenced by the most recent fashion.

As teenagers we 'have' to be one of them. That is what is written in the unwritten rules which determine how we see one another.

Baggy trousers

'Trendy' teenagers are supposed to care more about fashion
Of course the definitions in the Oxford dictionary don't match the definitions teenagers themselves have written, these meanings are very different.

Here's what our teenage definitions are:

Mosher - wears hoodies and baggy trousers. Listens to heavy metal, hates townies

Townie - wears 'normal' clothes, and listens to more pop and r'n'b, hates moshers

Trendy - neither

Apparently I'm a townie - but I'm confused. Or am I?

It seems as if we have to be one or the other, they even label the people who are neither just to make it easier for us to understand them.

We no longer judge by what people feel or who they are. Now we judge by what music we listen to, or how we decide to wear our jeans. How is that fair?

You could miss a best friend or a future love because of the stereotyping that rules our lives today."

Claire, 14

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