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  I windsurfed in a pool!
Updated 12 January 2004, 08.48
Daniel gets ready to compete
Daniel competed in the first ever UK Junior Indoor Windsurfing Championships at the London Boat Show.

In his report he tells us how windsurfing indoors compares to the open water.

"I really enjoyed windsurfing in a pool, although it wasn't what I thought it would be like.

The wind produced by giant turbines was quite strange, there were strong gusts but in the middle of the pool there was no wind at all.

Better for spectators

Daniel in action!
Daniel in action!
We also started by sliding down a ramp into the pool, this was a new thing to do and a little bit scary.

I'm not 100% convinced that windsurfing in a pool is fun and I think it's much easier windsurfing outdoors.

However, indoor windsurfing is definitely better for spectators as outside we're usually so far out from shore it's hard to see.

Own moves

I've been windsurfing for about three years now.

I like the freedom it gives you to go where you want and make up your own moves.

Fact File
UK Indoor Windsurfing Championships
A specially designed pool was transported to the UK in three sections
The pool is 70m long and 30m wide
The wind is created by 30 huge turbines
The turbines create 25 knots of wind
Nik Baker from the UK is six times World Indoor Windsurfing Champion
I windsurf every weekend at a local reservoir but in the summer I do it up to four times a week.

Just clicked

It was quite difficult when I first started, you have to learn balance and wind direction.

But I worked hard at it and watched videos on windsurfing, and something just clicked.


Now I'm quite confident - and I love going fast!

I'm hoping to go the Junior World Championships later this year in Spain.

And if I train hard my dream is to windsurf professionally."

Daniel, 13, Oxford

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Watch Daniel's reportWatch Daniel's report

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