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  I've been to a chocolate factory in Germany
Updated 13 November 2003, 08.46

After reporting for us from Ghana about where fair trade chocolate comes from, Kirsty went to Hanover in Germany to continue her chocolate journey.

This time she wanted to know what happens after the cocoa beans are harvested.

"Some time ago I had the chance to visit the cocoa farmers in Ghana, but this time I've just come back from Germany with something to add to that experience.

Although cocoa in Divine chocolate comes from Ghana, the chocolate is actually made in a factory in Germany.

Family chocolate

When I was in Ghana, Cord Budde invited me to come and visit his chocolate factory.

Cord's family have been making chocolate for more than 100 years and now he is one of the biggest manufacturers of fair trade chocolate in Europe.

I had seen the cocoa on the trees and I had seen how they harvest it, ferment it and pack it in bags.

Now, I wanted to see it being turned into the yummy chocolate that I (and I'm sure other people) love.

Making new friends

We flew to a town called Hanover, and Cord's wife, Kristina met and drove us 100 km to where they live - a town called Herford.

We were introduced to the family, but it was quite strange because neither me nor my brother speak any German and none of Cord's children spoke any English.

From a bean to chocolate bars

But the best part was the chocolate factory.

We saw how they first check the beans for quality while at all times we walked around the factory wearing funny white coats and hats to stop any of our hair falling into the chocolate!

Then the beans are roasted in big ovens and crushed between huge rollers.

The crushing takes a lot of time, and the powder has to be really fine before they mix it with the milk, sugar and other stuff that goes into chocolate.

Once it's all mixed it gets put in moulds and once that dries, it is chocolate.

Wrap it, box it and it's ready for the shops.

We saw them packing some bars of Divine chocolate which was off to the UK.

Show room with a treat

The best part? Cord makes chocolate for companies all over Europe. At the end of the tour he took us to the sample room where there was more chocolate than I had ever seen.

He gave us some shopping bags and said 'Help yourselves.'

We brought so much chocolate home with us, that Dad could hardly lift the suitcase!

I really loved Cord and his family and I'll never forget my trip to Germany."

Kirsty, 10, London

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