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  Bullies have problems of their own
Updated 11 November 2003, 08.15

Hanan has been the victim of bullying and wants to let you know why you shouldn't be scared of people who pick on you.

Lots of people get bullied. Some children get bullied by someone older, the same age or even younger than them.

I used to be bullied.

If you're getting bullied it doesn't mean that you have something wrong with you. It means that the bully has something wrong with him or her.

Upset and angry

If you came home from school after doing badly in an exam, and got into an argument with your parents, then your brother or sister, and say, broke your favourite CD, what would you feel like?

Fact File
Hanan's advice
If you're being bullied tell your parents
If it doesn't stop tell your teachers
And if you're still being bullied get your parents to go straight to the head teacher

You would feel upset and angry and want to let it all out. So you might be nasty to someone, right? It's the same for bullies.

They have sad lives, and bully people to let out their depression. They have problems in their lives which could be family problems, financial problems, friendship problems, health problems, or school problems.

Don't be scared

You might think the person that bullies has a nice life, but they don't. You might think that they only do it because they're bad. But that's wrong too.

I used to think the same, but then I found out that the bully that used to torture me at school was going to lose her auntie, because of cancer.

So please remember that when someone bothers you at school a lot, don't be scared of them.

Feel sorry for them because they have sad lives, and it's not you with the problem. It's them.

Hanan, 12, Newcastle

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