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  My website is helping the environment
Updated 04 December 2003, 08.37
Sarah picking up her Childnet award
Sarah created a website all about planting trees to help reduce global warming - with her site winning a Childnet Award earlier this year.

Now during National Tree week, and with help from pupils at Kingstone school, Sarah has been planting trees to help clean the air in her local area.

"It was a cold, grey, damp day yet it was a great day because with all my hard work I finally had something to show for it.

More than 100 trees; birch, rowan, alder, holly, oak etc, all planted as the first instalment of my dream of a global forest.

Climate change

It all started in April 2003 when my website Cool Kids for a Cool Climate won an award from Childnet.

Sarah's website - Cool Kids for a Cool Climate
Sarah's website
Cool Kids for a Cool Climate is a project which I set up to inform young, old and in-between people about climate change, its causes and effects.

As well as prize money, Childnet helped a lot with advice and encouragement, as well as finding free web hosting for the site.

I think it's important that everybody does what they can to reduce their own personal impact on global warming.

It may be possible for adults to make decisions to insulate their home, buy their electricity from renewable sources, even fit a solar panel on their roof, but many of these decisions are not possible for kids.

Although we are more likely to catch the bus than adults, we still cause our share of pollution.

Get planting

What can a kid do to reduce their impact on climate change?

Sarah gets digging!
Sarah gets digging!
The answer is to plant trees.

Trees photosynthesise, like all green plants, turning the polluting carbon dioxide into sugars and oxygen.

Trees are the most efficient oxygen factory plants.

From seeds to trees

Everybody who can borrow a spade can plant a tree.

It needn't cost any money. There is no need to buy trees from nurseries.

You can collect seed (like acorns) from local trees in the autumn.

Plane pollution

I reminded Childnet, that as they thought the website was a good idea, they ought to take their responsibility to climate change seriously.

They agreed to have over 100 trees planted through the Cool Kids Project to make up for the greenhouse gases caused by each Childnet winner's flight to London and back.

Spade power!

And during National Tree Week, these trees were planted at Kingstone School, Barnsley by pupils at the school.

The school wanted trees planted to screen them from the nearby M1 motorway.

The trees, would hide the traffic from view, quieten the noise, clean the air and provide habitat for wildlife.

Cool Kids provided the trees, Year 9 at Kingstone School provided the spade power!"

Sarah, 14, Rotherham

If you have a web project you would like to enter for the Childnet Awards, click on the Childnet website link on the top right hand side for more information.

Why don't you write us a Press Pack report - and get it published on the site?!

It can be about anything that's happened in your local area - or your views on the news.

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