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  I interviewed Philip Pullman
Updated 05 November 2003, 09.10
Sophie met Philip Pullman
Sophie won our competion to interview top author Philip Pullman at a special event in Oxford.

Here she reports on how nervous she was - and what secrets he let her in on...

"I love Philip Pullman's books - they're really original and all the characters are idols to me.

I can imagine Lyra when he writes about her and you can picture the scenes she's in.

My brother got Northern Lights when it was first out a few years ago and he got really into Philip Pullman's book.

Powerful writer

Sophie in Oxford
Sophie in Oxford
Around that time my dad started reading my the first one and I just got hooked - he writes really powerfully with lots of description.

I was so excited when I found out I'd won the Newsround competition to meet him. On the day of filming I went to the bookshop to meet him and I was really nervous

I was worried it was going to be uncomfortable because he's a famous writer and I was just a competition winner.

But when I met him he was really friendly and we chatted easily.


Pullman's new book
Pullman's new book
I asked him where he got his inspiration from and how attached he was to Lyra, the main character in his Dark Materials Trilogy.

He gave me lots of answers - he told me that in Lyra's world there are daemons in the form of animals who are like ourselves.

He said he thinks we have daemons like that but in a different form.

He also told me his new book, Lyra's Oxford, was full of illustrations so it's quite different to the Trilogy.

I asked Philip Pullman what he was writing at the moment and said it was a continuation of the Dark Materials, hopefully out in two years time.


After the interview we went to his old college at Oxford University.

He pointed out where he used to climb onto the roof, and where he got the idea of Lyra climbing on roofs.

It was a really exciting day. Meeting my favourite author Philip Pullman was the experience of a lifetime."

Sophie, 12, London

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Watch Sophie's reportWatch Sophie's report

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