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  I met a Doctor Who monster
Updated 21 November 2003, 08.47
Christopher with a Sontaran
Fans of the BBC sci-fi series Doctor Who are celebrating its 40th anniversary.

Christopher and Elana are part of a new generation of fans of the time-travelling Doctor who fights monsters all over the universe.

They went to a big Doctor Who convention in London and here's their report.

Christopher and Dalek
Never stand too close to a Dalek!
Christopher: "There were over 1,200 people who had come from all over the world to celebrate Dr Who's birthday.

Stars of the show were there to talk about the programme including two of the past Doctors - Peter Davison and Paul McGann - and many of the Doctor's companions.

There were also videos to watch and props from the series; including the Tardis console and some model Daleks.

Christopher and Tardis
Any chance of a ride in the Tardis?
Lots of people dressed up in Dr Who costumes and I had a photograph with a Cyberman and a Sontaran; the costumes were very good.

There were lots of things to buy and some of the Dr Who stars were signing photos for the fans.

The best news of all was that Dr Who is COMING BACK on TV!

I can't wait to watch the new show, perhaps I can report again when the series starts."

I like the Daleks!

Dalek fan Elana
Elana: I'm watching all my dad's Doctor Who videos in order!

The Daleks are my favourite monster as they are a bit different from all the rest.

I was excited to see the fifth Doctor, Peter Davison, interviewed at the convention.

But I'd really like to meet Tom Baker. He was my favourite Doctor - he's serious and funny at the same time.

I tell my friends at school about how good Doctor Who is, because they all watch the Powerpuff Girls!"

Christopher, 7, Middlesborough, and Elana, 11, London

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