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  World War II is a story not to forget
Updated 09 November 2003, 09.45

From 1939 until 1945, Europe and the World were involved in a war that affected everyone.

As time passes by many of the war events are forgotten. But Marlon and Eleana want YOU not to.

They went to visit the Imperial War Museum and the People's War website, talked to war veterans, and found out about their stories.

"The Imperial War Museum and the People's War website allow people to go and see what it was like living through the war and how people coped.

We wouldn't like to have lived then because it was too scary and you didn't know if your house was going to be bombed or if you were going to lose your parents.

Real things

We went to the museum and saw lots of things from the war, like pieces of a bomb, identity cards, and gas masks.

It was interesting to find out what the children did and looked like back then.

We saw a picture of kids going into an Anderson Shelter with their bags and gas masks, a normal thing to do at the time.

Real stories

The stories from the old war veterans were amazing but sometimes they were very sad.

Lillian Bader told us she wanted to join the RAF when the war started and they refused her because she was black.

She still wanted to serve her country and went back until she was accepted. She was very brave but we don't think we could have done that.

The best part of the day was meeting new people and hearing their stories.

We also enjoyed seeing all their medals.

We were really surprised that they all remember their army numbers from such a long time ago.

Don't forget

The People's War website is really important for future generations.

If we don't talk about it enough people would forget there was a war, and all the stories from those days will be forgotten.

We've really enjoyed the day. We're going to recommend it to all our friends so they may come and visit it during school holidays.

Thank you BBC and Imperial War Museum for letting us come today."

Marlon and Eleana, 10, St Matthews School

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