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  I met some cool kids' poets
Updated 03 November 2003, 08.36
Eva met poet Michale Rosen
Eva went to hear some famous children's poets reading out their coolest rhymes.

She tells us all about it.

"I went to the Royal Festival Hall to the Imagine Children's Literature Festival.

I went to hear some performance poetry by two Jamaican writers and a writer from London called Michael Rosen.

Valerie Bloom is a poet from the Caribbean who has three children. Most of her poems are interactive with the audience. This is good because you don't have to just sit and listen but can feel really involved.

My favourite poem by Valerie Bloom is called Pinda Cake because I like the rhythm and the actions we had to do as we sang the chorus.

Gobble-Gobble Rap

Poet James Berry
James Berry is also a Caribbean poet who came to England in 1948. He writes about everyday life and his feelings.

Hearing the poems read by James Berry tell you how the poem is supposed to be read. My favourite poem by James Berry is called Caribbean Playground Song because I like the pattern of the repeated phrases; like Say Good Mornin' Granny Maama, Good Mornin' Granpa Taata.

The other poem I really like is called Gobble-Gobble Rap because of the funny descriptions of the mouth and what it does.


Poet Val Bloom
Michael Rosen is a Londoner who writes lots of children's books. One of his most famous books is called We're Going On A Bear Hunt.

I liked this book a lot when I was in the nursery, because you could use lots of actions and make funny noises with the teacher as she read the book out loud. It is enjoyable hearing the poems read out loud by Michael Rosen, because he is very funny and makes you laugh.

Everybody laughed

My favourite poem today was Remember to Breathe because he made lots of hilarious expressions with his face and waved his arms very dramatically. This poem is about a frightening school teacher - everybody seemed to like this, everybody laughed a lot!

After the show, I visited the Imaginarium in the ballroom of the Festival Hall. You can sit and read the books written by the Festival Poets and look at the books made by children in schools which have alliterative poetry and photographs.

I thought the Imaginarium was a very creative way to get inside a child's head."

Eva, 10, London

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