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  More magazines should be in Braille
Updated 22 October 2003, 17.08
Adam wants more mags in Braille
Adam's blind and is campaigning to have more magazines and books translated into Braille so he can enjoy them too.

"I love Metallica and Feeder but I can't get the latest info about them because I can't get my favourite magazines and books in Braille.

Braille is the language that I can read in. I trace my fingers over the bumps and then I can read the words.

This week the Royal National Institute of the Blind are trying to get publishers and the government to make more books for blind people and people with poor sight.

Long wait for Potter

Most new books and magazines are not produced in Braille or even on audio tapes, and the ones you can get on tape are really expensive.

What some people don't know is that Braille books are transferred by volunteers so when a book comes out it can take a while for the Braille version to be released.

One of my favourite books is Harry Potter. I love the stories and I couldn't wait to read the new one when it came out but I couldn't because the Braille version wasn't released for over a month.

When the book did come out I had to get my mum to read it to me just so that I wouldn't find out from anyone else who had died.

I want Kerrang! in Braille

Adam wants to read Kerrang! in Braille
My favourite mag is Kerrang! so I decided to ask them why I get a Braille version of the magazine. If I want to read it I have to get a voluntary organisation to give me a translation which means the news is old by then.

Kerrang! told me that they've never thought of publishing a Braille version of their magazine but they're now going to start looking into it.

Hopefully now more people will be doing what Kerrang! have decided to do, so people like me won't be missing out."

Adam, 12, Bristol

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Watch Adam's reportWatch Adam's report

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