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  Great Fire of London Press Packs
Updated 20 October 2003, 09.02

To mark the anniversary of the Great Fire of London we launched a special assignment in September.

We asked you to imagine you were a journalist live on the scene as the blaze was taking hold.

We had loads of entries - well done to everyone who sent in a report.

We've chosen five reports which are published below - these Press Packers will also get a family pass to visit the London Dungeons!

Click on the names to read their reports:

  • Ellie Stapleton, 13, Melton Mowbray
  • Emma, 13, Flackwell Heath
  • Alika, 9, Cardiff
  • Katie, 10, Slough
  • Ryan, 14, Enniskillen

    Ellie, 13, Melton Mowbray

    "I am here live in Pudding Lane where the tragic blaze is thought to have started.

    I understand that the fire actually started in the baker's house, just down the road from where I am now.

    As I'm standing here I can see many people frantically loading their possessions on boats on the Thames in an attempt to flee the awful fire.

    The fire can be seen as far away as Oxford.

    Historic buildings

    Over 300 hundred homes so far have been destroyed and fire is tearing through the city at an alarming rate.

    It is feared that the flames will soon engulf St Paul's Cathedral, one of Britain's most historic buildings.

    Standing here a couple of metres away I can feel the intensity of the heat and the smell of smoke is overwhelming.

    I admit I am rather scared myself, so it's easy to understand how all the desperate families are feeling right now.

    Devasted families

    I managed to speak to a couple of people as they were hurrying past.

    One lady said she is devastated to be leaving her home and fears when she comes back it'll be unfit to live in.

    And finally, one gentlemen said he knew something like this would happen ever since the baker had moved in."

    Emma, 13, Flackwell Heath

    "As the fire started people ran screaming down the road clutching their most precious items as if they were the Crown Jewels.

    The reddy orange flames started really small but were growing by the minute and spreading fast.


    It felt like I was at the core of the Earth, the heat was really, really hot and there was nothing that anybody could do about it.

    I felt useless, the fire was spreading fast and all anyone could do was stand there.

    London is being destroyed before our very eyes and nothing will be the same again."

    Alika, 9, Cardiff

    "It was horrible, the flames were burning and they were burning everything.

    I suddenly saw loads of people running away.

    Burnt down

    I was crying just like all the others who were losing their family and their friends.

    They were all looking at me expecting me to do something.

    Then it was all over, there were bodies all over the streets and all the houses and shops were burnt down."

    Katie, 10, Slough

    "I stared up at the fiery dragon burning our homes, eating them up in a ball of fire.

    Smoke had paralysed my lungs and was stinging my eyes.

    Terrified people

    People were running in the confusion, women were screaming, children were crying and men were trying in vain to put out the fire.

    I tried to speak to some terrified people but it was no use, I could not come to write anything down.


    My hand was sweating and the pencil I was holding kept slipping from my grip.

    Everyone was praying, praying that they would survive and get out alive.

    I feel so terrified and helpless and so alone."

    Ryan, 14, Enniskillen

    "London is burning!

    As I stand among wreckage and carnage, vague remains of bodies, buildings and bits and pieces, one cannot help but feel full of anger, sorrow.

    But hope that this great city may one day be fully restored.

    Tall flames

    Smoke has been rising constantly from different areas of London now for several days though today is by far the worst.

    Flames as tall as buildings raging as fire crews battle hopelessly to fight this great fire.

    I spoke to several families today, all of whom have been affected by the fire.

    Lost everything

    Mrs Smith, her three sons and daughter ran from their home. "I feel helpless, I have lost everything," she stuttered.

    The Great Fire of London, some call it, others call it hell... one will never know, for this fire will be the greatest of all known to rage across the face of the Earth!"

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