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  Only 30 Amur leopards are left in the wild
Updated 06 August 2003, 11.16
Photo courtesy of WWF Russia / V Solkin
Amur leopard

There are not many Amur leopards left in their natural habitat in Russia.

In Katie's report she says that we must act quickly to protect this endangered animal.

"The Amur leopard is not very well known but it's now classed as critically endangered as there are only 30 left in the wild, and only 12 pure bred Amur leopards in captivity.

Beautiful coat

Amur leopards share the same habitat as the Siberian tiger - and all the same problems, but with far less publicity and assistance.

The Amur leopard has such a beautiful coat, but that has led to its downfall.

Fact File
Amur leopards
They inhabit forests made up of cedar and conifer trees
The usual size of a leopard's litter is 1-3 cubs
Only the females live together with their cubs
Adult males live alone

Poachers kill many of these beautiful animals every year.

Huge fires

Also, farmers burn fields after they have been used, often resulting in huge fires which destroy the leopards' home.

Destruction of their habitat, poaching, fires and a lack of prey has led to the endangerment of this magnificent big cat.

Raise money

When I first found out about the Amur leopard, I felt like jumping up and doing something.

So that is what I did. I started planning what I could do, and I'm now going to raise as much money as possible.

Spread the word

I think we should spread the word about these beautiful cats, the more people that know about them, the more people will be able to help.

Time is running out for these beautiful cats, so let's get helping!"

Katie, 15, Suffolk

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