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  Don't assume models have always been thin!
Updated 24 September 2003, 09.51
Jamie is a teenage model
Top teen model Jamie was overweight when she was younger.

She tells us how she feels about teasing and her changing body shape.

"When I was younger I was quite overweight. I used to eat lots and lots of crisps and chocolate.

I got teased by kids at school who called me fat. When you're young kids are like that. It wasn't very nice

I got upset a lot and I didn't have any confidence. I just wore baggy clothes. I couldn't wear all the clothes I wanted to wear and I felt uncomfortable.

I lost weight

Jamie was overweight as a child
But it was just puppy fat really. As I grew taller I lost some of the weight. Then I had a really bad stomach infection - I think it was gastric flu. I couldn't eat for two weeks.

I lost so much weight - it completely changed me. That's how I first became slimmer. I didn't do it on purpose.

'All girls need chocolate!'

People's reactions to me did change when I lost weight. People stopped teasing me. But people started saying I was too thin! You can't win with some people - you'll always be either too fat or too thin.

Jamie doing a shoot for Newsround!
I have actually put on half a stone since then, I was too thin. I started to eat again and my metabolism got faster.

If I put on weight now I just go to the gym and do a good honest workout. I eat sensibly too. I eat three meals a day and have snacks. All girls need chocolate!

I suppose I do think about weight being a model. But I don't worry about it. I just go to the gym and burn it off. But you have to be sensible. I don't eat just anything. It's about maintaining a good diet and eating lots of fruit and vegetables and fish.

'Exercise is great'

Jamie does lots of modelling now

I say: 'Eat what you want to eat,' at the end of the day, but if you're not comfortable with yourself then don't go mad and starve yourself. Go to the gym and eat sensibly. You can do walking and running too.

Kids don't need to diet - often it's just puppy fat and it will come off.

Curves are good

Your body changes a lot in your teens. My shape has changed.

I prefer models with fuller figures. It's nice to have curves. My favourite models ever are Marilyn Monroe and Sophie Dahl - they have fantastic, fuller figures.

My body has changed and I've got a fuller figure now. But I am getting lots of work as a model and I'm happy with my new shape.

It's not about weight, it's about being healthy and sensible."

Jamie, 17, London

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