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  I got a sneak preview of the LOTR exhibition
Updated 16 September 2003, 17.46
Stephanie checks out the exhibits
Stephanie was one of the first people to check out the LOTR exhibition at London's Science Museum.

It's one of the hottest tickets in town - more than 14,000 fans have brought advance tickets to see stuff from the blockbuster films.

"When I went in there was a huge cave troll at the entrance.

It was a bit scary, but it was a great way to start the exhibition and gave me an impression of what was to come.

One of the scarier exhibits

I've watched all the LOTR films and I've read the books. All my friends are big fans, and they were jealous when they heard I was going to the exhibition.

There was a model of Sean Bean's character in a boat. It looks exactly like him.

Loads of my friends like Orlando Bloom and his elf costume was in there - the sleeves were really short!


You can see how they do the scaling down of Hobbits compared to humans.

You sit on a cart in front of a green screen and another person sits on the smaller end of the cart.

You can have a picture taken of the effect.

There's loads to do in the exhibition.

There are video screens next to the costumes. It shows behind the scenes and what the actors thought. You can choose which video to watch.


There's a model of Gollum too. It's meant to be life size, but it seemed too small.

Frodo's my favourite character. Elijah Wood's costume's not there, but I saw the one worn by his double.

The exhibition is amazing. It covers everything from the film.

You need hours to see everything. I'd definitely go again!"

Stephanie, 12, Derby

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