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  I don't trust the new Azkaban director
Updated 10 August 2003, 12.48
Director Alfonso Cuaron with Dan Radcliffe
New pictures of the filming of The Prisoner of Azkaban have been released.

But in her report Dana says she doesn't like the new look of some of the characters and blames the director, Alfonso Cuaron.

Here's what she thinks.

"I don't think I trust the new Harry Potter director, Alfonso Cuaron.

I wish that Chris Columbus was still doing the movies since he did very well with the first two.

Casual style

Harry's new look
Harry's new look
I read an article on the internet and it mentions Alfonso has given a new casual style to the characters Harry, Ron and Hermione.

Instead of wearing their robes around school, Harry is wearing a hooded top like Hermione, and Ron swaps his uniform for a stripy jumper.

I really do not agree with this change because in the book none of the students are allowed to walk around the school without wearing their uniforms.

I don't think that Alfonso is staying very true to the books either.


I read more reports that Sir Michael Gambon, who is replacing Richard Harris as Dumbledore, is going to give the Headmaster a more hippy look!

And I saw a picture of the trio with Sirius and Lupin in the shrieking shack.

Sirius and Lupin are supposed to be good looking men, but the actors don't look like that to me!"

Dana, 13, USA

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