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  How New York will remember 11 September
Updated 11 September 2003, 10.40
The site of the World Trade Centre
It's the second anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center.

Cristina lives in Manhattan and she reports on how New York will be remembering what happened in their city two years ago.

"Two years after the terrorist attacks on September 11th, it pretty much seems like everything has gone back to normal.

People have been concentrating on everyday things, such as getting used to going back to school and work, and everyone's trying to get used to the end of summer.

Another thing shifting people's attention has been the war in Iraq, which was the main topic of discussion for most of the past year.

On the TV

However with the anniversary on Thursday, images of the attacks have started showing up on the news again, accompanied by documentaries on several networks.

Beams of light where the World Trade Centre once stood
Beams of light where the World Trade Centre once stood
Though life is now going at a steady pace, everyone will be sure to take a moment on Thursday to pause and remember.

Ground Zero

The main memorial to take place on Thursday will be held at the World Trade Center site.

It's mainly for the families of the victims, but the public is welcome as well.

At the memorial there will be a moment of silence for the first plane and the second plane hitting, and for when the two buildings collapsed.

Beams of light

Bells in churches and other houses of prayer throughout the city will sound for the first moment of silence.

At the end of the day, the two blue beams of light that had served as a memorial shortly after the attacks will shine again for this one day.

Moment of silence

My school is also taking time to remember the attack and those who died.

The school bells will ring at the time the first plane hit and everyone is to go out into the hallway and observe a moment of silence.

Once a second bell rings we will return to our classes.

No matter where everyone is on Thursday, it's almost certain that they'll be thinking of what happened and how it's affected them."

Cristina, 14, New York

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