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  We're at weight-loss camp this summer
Updated 24 July 2003, 15.36
Kaye came to the camp with her sister
Kaye came to the camp with her sister

Kay and Shea both chose to spend their holidays getting in shape.

Newsround's website got a chance to ask them about their experiences at weight-loss camp.

NR: What made you feel you needed to come to weight-loss camp?

Kaye: I wanted to lose weight obviously, but also to have fun. I was never picked on, but felt I did need to lose some weight.

Shea is not happy with his appearance
Shea is not happy with his appearance

Shea: I felt I wanted to lose weight. I've been picked on occasionally, but that just helped make my mind up about coming here.

NR: How did you find out about it?

Kaye: My sister looked up weight-loss camps on the internet. Most are in America, but this one is in the UK. My sister is here too, we both felt we needed to lose some weight.

Shea: I saw a programme about this place on BBC1 a couple of years ago. Then when I felt unhappy about my size, my mum looked them up and booked me straight on it.

NR: Going to camp for the summer is still quite unusual in the UK, are you missing your parents?

Kaye: Yes, loads! I've been here since Sunday and we can only call on Thursdays, so I've heard from them in almost a week.

Shea: I'm missing them a bit, but I knew what it was going to be like.

NR: What about your friends?

Kaye: I'm missing them a lot too. I've written some letters, and they promised to write to me, but I haven't received any yet.

Shea: I'm missing my mates, but I know if I were at home, we'd all just be sat around, probably bored. I want to come back to the camp next year, even if I don't need to lose any weight, I want to keep coming. I think I'd really like to work here. I've talked to the staff about it and they are really supportive.

NR: What sort of activities do you do?

Frisbee, one of the activities at the camp

Kaye: We play rounders, dodge ball, hide and seek. There's also boxersize sessions. The camp staff make sure we always warm up properly and everything is organised by a timetable.

We get all the meals prepared, inculding a vegetarian option. If we want a snack, there's always fruit available.

NR: Do you guys have targets for how much you want to lose?

Kaye: Not really. I've got a target in mind, but the staff haven't set anything with me.

Shea: I haven't got a target, I'm here to have a good time.

Shea, 14 and Kaye, 13

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