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  Fox hunting is cruel and should be banned
Updated 05 July 2003, 10.21
Anti-fox hunting protest
Ceri doesn't agree with fox hunting.

In her report she tells us why she thinks it must be banned.

"I disagree with Aley. Fox hunting is animal cruelty no matter which way you look at it.

Some people do take part in fox hunting to control the fox population because they are pests and even considered as 'vermin'.

But there are some people who take part in the sport because they see it as a fun sport, which is wrong in every way imaginable.

Bedroom window

I live in rural Wales; at the end of my road there is a stretch of countryside and fox hunting takes place regularly.

I am unfortunate enough to see it happening from my own bedroom window.

Many people would prefer it if the fox population was controlled in a more humane way, such as shooting rather than being ripped apart by hounds.

Animal cruelty

No matter which way you look at it, fox hunting at the end of the day is classed as animal cruelty and should be banned or have some laws against it such as a ban against hunting with hounds.

Fox hunting is a countryside tradition and it can be associated with Britain because it's a 'very British thing to do'.

But I'm not sure if I want to be part of a nation that takes pride in what I think is such a cruel, violent, disgusting sport."

Ceri, 12, Wales

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