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  A united Europe is a really cool idea
Updated 09 June 2003, 08.10
EU flag
Ross says we should all spend euros and go on holiday without a passport!

He wants us to be much more a part of Europe. Check out his report to find out why!

"I think the idea of a united Europe is a really great idea.

We are pretty much the only EU country with border controls to other EU nations. I think we should get rid of them, how cool would it be going on holiday without a passport!

Call the euro a pound

The euro bank notes are a bit boring, I think we should go into the euro but keep the pound sign on all of our prices.

If we keep calling it pounds and pence we could get the best of both worlds.

I think that the EU should only ever be open to European countries. Countries like Russia and Turkey shouldn't be allowed in because they are in two continents.

Cut our ties with the USA

Going even further into Europe also means that we cut a lot of our ties with the USA.

This would be good for the UK because a lot of people in this country and Europe disagreed with the Iraq war.

The Prime Minister went ahead without our permission because the USA wanted us to!

All in all I think European integration is a really cool idea and we could accept the euro but keep calling it the pound!

We wouldn't lose our independence, because we don't have any to start with. We are united in ourselves, why not unite into Europe as well!"

Ross, 15, Fife in Scotland

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