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  Dolphins should not be kept in captivity
Updated 26 May 2003, 10.33

Helen thinks that dolphins are better off in the wild.

In her report she tells us why she thinks dolphins kept in aquariums may cause more harm than good.

"People know about how whales and dolphins are hunted in the wild, they know that pollution is endangering their lives.

But I think that keeping them in captivity actually damages their health, their life, and the overall dolphin population.

Help or harm?

Hundreds of people visit aquariums every year, they watch dolphins perform tricks, and swim around in circles for hours on end.

Though there are many claims saying that keeping these animals in captivity helps them, I think this is rarely true.

In some places, so many animals have been caught from the wild that their local population has started to decrease.

How long till it's the worldwide population?


Being taken from the wild is very traumatic, sometimes it damages an animal's mental health.

Because they are so intelligent, it is thought that, like us, dolphins can suffer from depression.

They stop vocalizing, swim in circles constantly, can become aggressive, and may even harm themselves.


I am not an expert, but I leave you with this, the choice cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) don't have.

Would you give up a free life with friends, family, and the choice to swim wherever you want, to live in a concrete tank, many times smaller than your original home?

Think about it!"

Helen, 12, Bristol

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