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  We're angry with our Prime Minister
Updated 31 March 2003, 14.25
Children protest with peace signs in Madrid, Spain
Miguel lives in Murcia, Spain.

In his report about the war with Iraq he tells us why Spanish people are not happy with their Prime Minister, Mr Aznar.

"In Spain demonstrations against the war are still going on.

In my city there is graffiti around the cathedral (and on the walls of the cathedral).

People have camped opposite the government building, and students from high schools and the university are on strike.

Peaceful protests

Spain's Prime Minister Mr Aznar with Mr Bush
President Bush with Spanish Prime Minister Aznar
In Madrid, there are demonstrators outside the American Embassy with caricatures of President Mr Bush and our Prime Minister Mr Aznar.

All of these demonstrations are peaceful.

People are very worried about the citizens of Iraq and their safety.

We haven't discussed the war in school, and our teacher hasn't talked to us about the background of each of the countries involved.

Spanish opinion

The opinion of ninety per cent of Spanish people is 'no war' but our Prime Minister says yes...

Our Prime Minister has ignored our decision and our votes for him.

Now, the Spanish people are very angry with him, all criticisms are for him because of his decision to attack and disarm Iraq.

I hope the war stops in a few days, because it poses a big threat for everyone, especially civilians."

Miguel, 15, Murcia, Spain

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