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  I agree with Bush and Blair about the war
Updated 29 March 2003, 09.19

Abi doesn't agree with war - but she hasn't been on any anti-war marches.

In her report she tells us why she thinks in this case war is necessary to defeat Saddam.

"For the last week or so, students have been walking out of my school to the city centre as a protest against war.

When I ask them why, some of them say 'because my friends are going', some of them say 'because I want to miss school'.

Student protests
Students protesting
But the majority of them say 'because we don't want innocent Iraqi people to be killed' - and I agree.

Bossed around

I don't want people to be killed, I don't think anybody does, but I think more people were being killed by Saddam Hussein BEFORE the war than are being killed DURING the war!

I saw an article on the news about some Iraqi men who said that they would commit suicide if America didn't attack because they are fed up with being bossed around by Saddam.

Iraqis welcoming the arrival of soldiers
Iraqis welcoming the arrival of soldiers
No vote

Someone I know said that Iraq doesn't like Saddam Hussein then why don't they just vote him out?

But I had to explain to them that that was the whole point, Iraq doesn't have the freedom to vote for who they want to rule, they are stuck with Saddam Hussein.

For the best

I haven't been on any anti-war marches because, although I think war is a terrible thing, I think that this time war is for the best.

It's for the freedom of Iraq and for the good of this world."

Abi, 12, Edinburgh

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It can be about anything that's happened in your local area - or your views on the news.

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