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  Australians have mixed feelings about the war
Updated 25 March 2003, 09.01
Anti-war demonstrations are still being held across Australia
Liz lives in Brisbane, Australia.

In her report about the war with Iraq she tells us that most young Australians are anti-war.

"I was in my Modern History class discussing the issue when the war began.

Since then, the news networks on the television have been covered with 'War on Iraq' updates.

Australian troops

Prime Minister John Howard addressed the nation with his reasons why we were going to war and committing our troops.

It was at that point that it really hit me. Before then it hadn't been real, although my friends and I talked about it, it hadn't sunk in.

Terrorism threat

Australian Prime Minister John Howard
Australian Prime Minister John Howard
When I saw all the news channels constantly updating with new information, and I heard about our troops being deployed - that's when I felt it.

I think Australians are a little fearful of terrorism at the moment.

We were so isolated, but then when Bali was attacked, we suddenly were in the international news on our own accord!

UN flag

There was an anti-war demonstration after school. 5,000 people turned up and the Lord Mayor made a speech.

At the end he replaced the Australia flag flying in front of City Hall with a UN flag.

These are the first protests people my age have really involved themselves in.

I think the overall feeling I get is that Australia is anti-war and certainly the general feeling amongst my generation is anti-war.

However, I don't know enough to make a proper judgment.

Quiet supporters

There is so much coverage of the protestors, and no one mentions the supporters of the war.

They have remained very quiet.

But we are an active member in this war.

We are a definite enemy of Iraq, and Saddam Hussein has shown himself to be a scary man.

I don't want to be unprepared for anything that could happen to us."

Liz, 16, Brisbane, Australia

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