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  My Diary: Model
Updated 13 March 2003, 08.39
Teen model Jamie
Hello everyone! My name's Jamie, I'm 16 and I'm a model.

I work for Premier Models in London during the day, but I'm doing my A-levels too.

This is the seventh entry in my diary.

27 January

I had my biggest job ever for an Italian designer called Mariella Burani. I flew to Sicily and had lots of pictures taken for her next fashion campaign.

Jamie will be up on the billboards soon
Sicily was amazing - but very cold! We went up in the mountains to a really old castle, which was beautiful. The pictures will go up on billboards and in all the magazines, but they're not out yet. It was fantastic.

3 February

I then flew to Oslo in Norway for just a day! I was modelling for a jeans catalogue called Look Book. It was fun but it was freezing cold again!

There was really thick snow everywhere. And when I got out of the taxi at the hotel I fell over and ripped my only pair of jeans! I'd only brought one pair. But the shoot was cool - I wore lots of different jeans with funky little tops.

17-21 February

When I came back it was London Fashion Week. I went to so many castings - between 10-17 a day - where the designers pick the girls they want for their shows.

Jamie had catwalk lessons
I did five shows - including ones for the designers Betty Jackson, Boyd and Michiko Koshino. It was amazing. Before the week my agency sent me to an expert to learn how to catwalk properly. He was really cool and taught me to just relax and let myself go.

On my first show I was so nervous, I've never done big catwalk shows before. I was standing at the side of the stage waiting to go on, looking nervous, and I saw Cat Deeley right at the front, and she smiled at me, it was really sweet. That gave me confidence and I just went out there and did it.

Jamie reporting for Newsround from London Fashion Week
Then of course I was on Newsround TV reporting from London Fashion Week! That was such good fun. I've never been on TV before and I loved it. But when it came on TV I couldn't watch myself, I was too embarrassed.

Afterwards, a girl came up to me in the street and asked if I was the girl on Newsround. That was really sweet.

24-27 February

I finished my last show at 1am in the morning and had to get up at 4am to fly to Italy for Milan Fashion Week.

I stayed in an apartment with eight other models and we had a really good laugh. I did four catwalk shows there - all for the designer Capucci. His clothes are fantastic, lots of slouch boots with ribbons, cool trainers, blazers, and really stylish casual clothes.

Jamie's been working hard at college too
But one really embarrassing thing happened. I fell over at a casting in front of the designer Georgio Armani! They'd put me in really high heels and the catwalk had plastic on it and I slipped over. I've never been so embarrassed in my life but you have to laugh. There's no point getting upset. I obviously didn't get that job.

One other bad thing happened - I had my purse stolen on the Italian Metro with all my money and cards in. Luckily my agency helped me out and lent me money. That was horrible.

28 February

As soon as I came back I had to catch up on all my college work - I took two weeks off to do the fashion weeks. But I am catching up now and I've got to work really hard. We're reading Frankenstein and Dracula in English, which are interesting.

Now I'm just waiting to see what will happen in March.

Come back next month to find out what Jamie's been up to

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