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  I say NO to war with Iraq
Updated 11 February 2003, 20.37
Dan is against war with Iraq
Press Packer Dan has been handing out 'No War' leaflets and will march at the anti-war demonstration on Saturday.

Here he gives his reasons for feeling so strongly against war with Iraq.

"I am very opposed to America's war on Iraq, and to Britain backing them in this.

There is no justification for a war on Iraq.

Dan handing out anti-war leaflets
Dan handing out anti-war leaflets
If George Bush is so angry about Saddam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction (which he might not) then how can he justify having his own?

I think that America has over 2,000 nuclear weapons, let alone other types of horrific biological and chemical weapons.

Without the backing of the UN it is illegal to go to war.

The United Nations weapons inspectors are asking for more time, because it is a hard and long job to search a country.

If weapons are found, America will attack because they would call Iraq a threat, which needs to be justified.

But if they don't find them, they would attack because they would say Iraq is hiding them.

All about oil?

There have been anti-war demonstrations all over the world
Iraq is one of the most oil-plentiful countries in the world.

America is extremely reliant on oil, and its own reserves are running low.

Many people think that America is mostly in this war for oil.

Violence is not the way to solve a potentially violent threat.

If a war was to take place, most of the Iraqis who die could be civilians, and the army would mostly be conscripted anyway.

US military aircraft is already in the Gulf region
US military aircraft is already in the Gulf region
Aside from military action, war would create a lack of food, and many more would die from this.

Lack of support

British and American soldiers would die in the war.

Tony Blair does not have the full support of his people in initiating a war.

A democracy means that he therefore shouldn't go to war, but he has clearly shown that his intentions are otherwise."

Dan, 13, London

Join our interactive debate on Iraq live on this website and on digital interactive TV on Wednesday 12 February at 5.30pm, straight after a special Newsround Extra on Iraq.

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