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  My Diary: Footballer
Updated 06 February 2003, 09.09
England under 17 footballer Nicole
Hi everyone! My name's Nicole, I'm 16 and I'm a footballer.

I play for Arsenal and England under-17s. I'm in my first term at Loughborough University on a three-year national football scholarship.

This is my diary.

7 January

At the end of last month, my physio gave me the all-clear. It was such a relief.

I've gradually got back into training and it's been quite hard. Fortunately two other girls are also recovering from injury so the three of us are all in it together.

18 January

I've had real problems these last couple of weeks. My tendons and my Achilles heel has been very painful.

The physio has given me extra excercises to do to strengthen the muscles. They've basically become much weaker because I haven't been able to exercise them.

20 January

I've just found out that I'm being put forward to the England Under-19s team!

I've been moved up a year early, which is pretty cool!

I'll no longer be in the Under-17s. Quite a few of my team mates have been moved up too, so I'm pretty happy about it all.

I know a lot of the other Under-19s anyway, as a lot play for Loughborough.

Being moved up doesn't work in the same way as first being picked. There aren't talent scouts as such.

Both my U-17s England coach and my Loughborough coach wrote letters and as everyone involved has seen me play before moving up was based on their recommendations.

I am a bit nervous about moving up as it means a new coach. I've met her before and she seems nice, but it will still mean getting used to a new style.

4 February

First match of the year. Cancelled.

The weather, naturally. Oh well.

Right now, I'm being bombarded with coursework for my A levels.

It's hard to motivate yourself, as training takes up a lot of my time, and afterwards I just want to crawl on to the sofa. But I can't.

It's really tough. And doing this diary keeps me pretty busy too. ;)


Find out how Nicole is doing in her new team next month.

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