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  I was bullied because I'm overweight
Updated 26 November 2002, 10.36
Girl being bullied
Emma,15, was picked on at school and now she's stopped going. Here's why.

opening quoteI moved down to Sheffield in June. I started school and I got on with a few lasses and we were really good friends.

Then a few lads started calling me names then my friends joined in and everyone started saying it.

Upset and angry

Then they started passing notes around class, telling me I didn't belong in their school and telling me I smelt. And they said I needed to lose weight to fit through the doors.

Jo from S Club was bullied too
Jo from S Club was bullied too
Then one day when we were getting changed ready for PE everyone ran out of the changing room holding their noses saying they couldn't get changed while I was in there because I smelt that bad.

I felt right upset but most of all I felt angry.

Another time I was going to my lesson and they asked what I thought I was doing going to my lesson and tripped me up on the stairs.

I felt really down

When this starting happening I changed a lot and I became distressed.

Before I was lively with everyone but now I sit in a corner feeling low and unhappy.

I spoke to mum and she spoke to the head teacher but it didn't get any better so now I've stopped going to school.

Mum's trying to get me a home tutor now but I gave to go and see the doctor first.

Talk to someone

They should have stronger rules against bullying in schools. I've got behind with all my work because I've not been able concentrate. Schools should give bullied kids extra help so they don't get behind.

Map of Sheffield
My advice to anyone being bullied is to come forward and get it stopped before it gets too bad.

Although I talked to my mum but I also talked to my friend at a different school. She knows me better than my mum and I could tell her everything about how I feel. closing quote

Emma, 15, Sheffield

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