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  I saw Lee from Blue get his top off!
Updated 23 November 2002, 12.51
Emma went to the Blue gig in Nottingham
Emma won our Press Pack competition and got to see the lush boys from Blue in concert in Nottingham at the start of their UK tour.

She gave us the low down on what it was like!

"When we got into the arena we had really good seats, we were close to the stage and we could see everything.

Blue go back to the 70s
Blue go back to the 70s
The theme of the gig was the threat of comets hitting earth and the lads only had a certain amount of time to get out.

The crowd went wild as a comet flew across the room and it blew up and a sheet fell down, flames and lights lit up the stage and Blue appeared!

They were dressed in black leather studded suits.

Lee strips down

Next the boys did a set of 70's songs which were really fun and lively. They drove onto the stage in a red car wearing flared trousers, wigs and colourful tank tops.

Lee gets his kit off!
Lee gets his kit off!
But the best part of the show was when Lee took his top off to show his new tattoo. The crowd went absolutely wild - everybody was screaming.


His tattoo had a sun in the middle, an earth on the right and a half a moon on the left.

But when Lee started putting his top back on everybody started booing really loud!

Elton duet

They performed all of their hits including All Rise, Too Close, If You Come Back, One Love, and their new song Sorry seems to be the hardest word with Elton John was my favourite.

They went off and then three comets zoomed to the front and just when we thought it was all over the lads reappeared in a car and they performed Fly By.

I enjoyed all of the concert, so it's definitely worth seeing!"

Emma, 13, New Ollerton

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