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  Your Potter reports
Updated 01 November 2002, 15.01

You've got plenty to say about Harry Potter and have sent in loads of your own reports on the boy wizard.

Click on the titles to read the full stories.

Alice asked the Potter author a probing question at Edinburgh Children's Book Festival

Competition winner Matthew reports on a magical night

Fiona's annoyed Azkaban is being released later than the UK and USA

Brooke saw the film when it premiered in New York

Brooke saw all the stars on the red carpet

Katrin explains how the boy wizard books helped her grades.

Harrison tells us what it's like on the set of the third Potter film

Speed reader Laura read the 766-page Potter book in a couple of hours!

Jade's planning a big party full if Potter-tastic games before she queues for OOTP!

Chris and Laura have been training hard to take part in a special speed reading event on the night OOTP is released.

Rebecca can't believe everyone is so excited about the new Harry Potter book.

Kirsty and her friends will join other Potter fans when they queue for Book 5

Chris is gutted that he won't get his OOTP right away

Teniola looks at why people like to enjoy Potter in different ways.

The cafe where JK first wrote Harry may be sold.

Valery's angry OOTP won't be available in French until later in the year.

Atiya has been working out what happens in the latest Potter book.

Lindsey answers back to people who say Harry Potter is bad.

Jenny thinks that the films ruin your imagination.

Tom gives his awards for the new Potter movie.

Anna was lucky enough to see a preview of the new Harry Potter movie a whole week before it opens.

Katie stood outside the cinema to see her favourite actors.

Nicole says she reads Harry Potter to help her relax.

Lizzie says that reading Potter has improved her school work.

Kaleigh had the chance to watch the newest trailer for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on US TV. Find out what she thought.

Danielle thinks everyone should stop complaining about how long JK's taking to write Book Five.

Sarah thinks people may give up waiting for the fifth Potter book.

Jessica thinks that just coz you're a teenager, doesn't mean you can't read Harry Potter.

Maxine is thinks Harry Potter and Lord of Rings are both great films, and wishes people would stop fighting over them.

Sarah thinks that you shouldn't be afraid of what others think.

Hannah doesn't think she'll ever get bored with Harry Potter, unlike some other people.

Laura thinks people will go off Harry Potter if the new book doesn't come out soon.

Emma can't get enough of Harry Potter, and doesn't think it's just for kids.

Shona comes up with some ideas to keep all Potter fans entertained while waiting for book 5.

Charlotte thinks it's ridiculous that people might think Harry Potter is a bad influence on kids. Read her report and find out why.

Zuleyha from Sri Lanka was at the launch party for the year's most talked about DVD.

Find out exactly who Laura thinks is the biggest fan of Harry Potter.

Caroline drives her friends crazy coz she goes on and on about Harry so much!

People have been burning Harry Potter books and Jade thinks it's wrong.

Colleen claims she's addicted to Harry Potter. Read her report and find out why.

Peter can't stand mistakes and points out some of the blunders in the first Potter movie.

Find out why Ella has had her nose in Harry Potter books so much.

American press packer Alissa talks about what American kids think about Harry Potter and the UK.

Geraint was one of the first people to see Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

Rachel's street became Privet Drive in the Harry Potter movie. Find out what it was like to live there.

Geraint gives us his lowdown on the range of Harry Potter games that came out with the first film.

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