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  My Diary: Actor
Updated 02 October 2002, 08.29
Chris got his lucky break playing 'Gavroche' in Les Miserables
Hi everyone, my name's Chris, I'm 15 and I'm an actor.

In 1998 I got my first big break playing Gavroche in the touring West End production of Les Miserables.

Since then I've played many roles on TV and the stage and want to make acting my career.

This is my diary for August and September.

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Monday 26 August
When we arrived on set in Manchester I was straight into costume and make up. Then the make up lady asked me, 'Chris, would you mind having your head shaved??''

As you can see from my photos, my hair is my life!! But again I had to suffer for my art.

The reason for the head shaving was that our characters had to pretend to be going through a phase of being into Madness, so for about three hours we were dancing around the room doing the Nutty Boy dance!

Friday 30 August
Not very exciting today but I went to Manchester to do a sound track. A sound track is when the sound people haven't quite recorded the dialogue properly, so you have to go into the recording studio to do it again.

I saw one of my scenes, where I was just dumping one of my character's many girlfriends, it was funnier that I thought it would be!

I've now finished Burn It and I'm just waiting in between jobs so at the moment I'm not too busy.

Tuesday 3rd September
Today is my 15th birthday! I've been called back on to Burn It for a few pick-up scenes tonight although I'm not quite sure how they'll be able to get my wig on with my great new hairstyle!

After a lot of struggling and a few yelps of pain from me, the wig was on and I was ready for action.

The first scene dragged on a bit as we had to walk up and down the same street around 19 times but we didn't really mind that much as we were directed to look at all the girls.

Saturday 8 September
Last night was the wrap party for Burn It. Everyone who I had worked with was there and we all had a really good time, chatting and joking around.

I had my picture taken with all my mates and then a special photograph with Lisa Faulkner, whose address I got later in the night - to send her a tape of my band.

So, today I am actually free, between jobs and looking out for auditions. I'm off to drama in a while to audition for my agency's Christmas panto, Snow White.

Speak soon :-)


Find out how Chris gets on in next month's diary

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