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  We'll never forget the anti- war protest
Updated 30 September 2002, 15.31
Crowds at the Anti War Demo in London
Sisters Elena and Sacha went to the anti-war protest in London on Saturday.

Here's what it was like:

"On Saturday 28 September we went with our family on a packed train up to London to go to the anti-war march.

We joined the bustling crowds as they tried to make their way up to Embankment for the start of the peace march.

Thousands of people

We were trapped for two endless hours of shuffling.

Thousands of people had come to show they didn't want a war.


The police would not let anyone new join the end of the march because it was getting dangerous.

They advised people to take a shortcut to avoid all the heavy crowds of protesters.

We joined the main crowd at Trafalgar Square.


We got partially separated from our group but luckily we had doves of peace on long poles that could be seen easily by the rest of our family.

Crowds were chanting all sorts of slogans, protests and rhymes.

It was incredibly noisy, with people blowing horns and whistles.

Sea of banners

When you looked around, there were people in every direction, with colourful banners waving.

At times it felt like we couldn't breathe, it was like a swarm of bees and a sea of banners.

We will not forget this experience.

We went home with a smile on our faces and aching feet! In total we walked three miles and took four hours."

Sacha, 13, and Elena, 11

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