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  My Diary: Model
Updated 25 September 2002, 08.17
Teen model Jamie
Hello everyone! My name's Jamie, I'm 16 and I'm a model.

I work for Premier Models in London during the day, but I've just started doing my A-levels too.

This is the third entry in my diary.

1 September

I jetted off to the Elite Model Look competition in Tunisia. I was really nervous. Basically it's a modelling contest with 60 other girls from around the world.

When we got there, they explained there was a big fashion show at the end of the week, and we all had to rehearse for it, in case we got into the final.

They re-styled my hair and sorted out my make-up. When we started rehearsing, the first thing they did was teach us how to walk the catwalk. I have done a few catwalk things before but we had to learn how to do it really professionally. They made us do silly things like little dances and kisses when we reached the end.

It was really good fun but we were doing it in front of 60 other models, and the cameras, so it was a bit nerve-wracking.

Platform shoes

Jamie said the modelling competition was a great experience
Then they taught us a massive dance routine which was in four parts. We spent ages rehearsing those.

There were four different "looks" we had to model. A jean skirt and black top, shorts and tops, swimwear, and formal evening wear if you got through to the final.

But we had to rehearse everything in case we got in. The hardest bit was these really, really high platform shoes with buckles. They were so hard to walk in. I thought I would slip over but I covered it up.

I didn't actually get through to the final in the end, but it was such a great experience. I've learnt how to catwalk properly and met loads of great people. It was so much fun.

16 September

Jamie's started her A-levels at college
When I came back from Tunisia, I started at college. I'm doing my A-levels in the evening so I can carry on modelling in the day.

I love college. It's totally different from school where they tell you to be quiet and make you do your homework. At college, we can have our mobiles on in class, and it's up to you whether you do the work or not. I'm doing English and art this year, and then Business Studies next year.

My modelling agency, Premier, are brilliant with my college. If I've got a class, they reschedule all my castings.

23 September

I went back to doing all my usual castings. I also did a fashion show for a charity during London Fashion Week at a hotel. That was good fun. I got to wear some nice clothes again.

So I'm really busy at the moment, fitting in college with all my modelling work. But I love them both so I don't mind being busy. This way I can do modelling but get my education too.

Come back next month to find out what Jamie's been up to

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