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  Harry and Frodo - why is there a battle?
Updated 20 August 2002, 21.21
Sam and Frodo
Maxine is tired of people comparing Harry Potter and Lord of Rings.

She says that they are just as good as each other and it's OK to say you like both of them.

"I am 14 and all my friends think that Lord of the Rings is so much better than Harry Potter.

Yet when the Harry Potter film came out they all loved it. Then Lord of the Rings came out and suddenly Harry Potter is rubbish.

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Harry Potter
Everyone is trying to keep in the fashion of what are the "coolest" films, yet they are both cool.

It's just they want to seem grown-up because they like a film based on an adult book.

Adult friendly

Everyone is saying that Harry Potter is for kids - well for those people who say that, well, take a look around!

Adults saw the film not because their children wanted to see it, but because they wanted to!

Films are there to keep us entertained, not because they are the coolest or for adults.

Both good

Deep down everyone likes Harry Potter AND Lord of the Rings - not just one of them!

So to those who say one is better than the other, I say: they are both good, so stop comparing!"

Maxine, 14, Merstham

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