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  My Edinburgh Festival Diary: Act I
Updated 01 August 2002, 19.37

Amy, 15, from Hertford and Fran, 14, from Ipswich are performing a play called Out of Character, on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Together with their fellow teenage actors, they'll be bringing you the lowdown on what it's like to be a part of the festival.

Monday 29 July

Finally arrived after a day of travelling. Fortunately the flats we're staying in are nicer than we had expected.

We don't have a clue what to expect of the Fringe, so we're a bit apprehensive and excited all at once.

Tuesday 30 July

Today was a real eye opener.

We took posters to shops and galleries to advertise the play - Out of Character.

There was such a mixture of people. Some are so positive and enthusiastic, but others just smile and nod, and you know they're just going to throw the flyer away.

It's all worth it though, to be able to be here and soak up the atmosphere.

Wednesday 31 July

Today was the first time we saw our theatre. A vast building full of possibilities.

Perhaps not what we were expecting but it feels right.

After supper we went to see our first show - Francesca Martinez, a comedienne with cerebral palsy.

Really interesting for us to see since this disability is the main feature of our first play we perform in the trilogy Out of Character.

Thursday 1 August

Fire alarm at 3am! NOT what we wanted preparing for our first performance.

However we didn't miss the chance to hand out a few more flyers to the fireman.

First performance at 3pm. The adrenalin got us going as we realised people were looking.

We had a total of six people in the audience which is normal for the Fringe, as there are so many plays for people to go and see.

It was a shame the crowd wasn't larger, but the show went well.

Roll on the rest of the week!

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